PLUS Property Management partners with Stroke Awareness Oregon

The MAIN mission of Stroke Awareness Oregon is its namesake. Awareness. Spread it. Everywhere. Saves lives.

PLUS Property Management Company and its staff are heavily involved in a local non-profit group called Stroke Awareness Oregon. Some ways PLUS gives back to its community and this non-profit are:

  • Donates office space and conference room usage
  • Employees do regular volunteer work
  • Handles all of SAO’s social media accounts- creates and posts daily
  • Volunteer at fund raising events and
  • Assist with activities that support the non-profits mission of spreading the message of awareness and hope

Another way PLUS supports the organization is by doing things like this- using their own platforms to share, write, and reach people through different avenues.

Now, what else should you know about SAO (Stroke Awareness Oregon)? Below is the 2019 Annual Report for the group. The accomplishments and strides to spread awareness, save lives, and support stroke survivors and their caregivers is tremendous! Take a look:

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the world and the fifth leading cause of death in Oregon. Stroke Awareness Oregon exists to educate about stroke and the need for F.A.S.T. intervention and to support stroke survivors and their families in living their best possible life. We accomplish this task through our strategic plan with emphasis on three main goals:

  • Awareness and Education
  • Support for Stroke Recovery
  • Community Collaboration

Stroke Awareness and Education

Stroke is a “Brain Attack” and requires immediate medical intervention, because for every minute of a stroke, two million brain cells die. Stroke Awareness Oregon strives to educate about the causes and symptoms of stroke and to make F.A.S.T. a household safety word through public presentations, distributing information about F.A.S.T., our website, our newsletter and public service announcements. In 2019, we:

  • Reached 2,313 people with in-person presentations
  • Distributed over 10,000 postcards to individuals, businesses and medical clinics
  • Aired multiple PSA announcements addressing F.A.S.T. valued at $41,000
  • Hosted 2,430 website visitors for 3,525 sessions.

There is an upward trend in Emergency Room visits to St. Charles for stroke symptoms which rose from 425 in 2018 to 600 in 2019, indicating better community awareness.


The signs of a stroke to watch for

Stroke Recovery and Support

There is life, and hope, after stroke. Sadly, not all who experience a stroke have good outcomes and recovering from a stroke is challenging. Multiple professional articles address the issues of post-stroke depression and isolation.  Stroke Awareness Oregon makes a difference to stroke survivors and their families by providing support and resources. In 2019 we:

  • Facilitated a stroke survivor support group with professional guest speakers that meets once per month and reached 180 people
  • Relaunched, in partnership with OSU-Cascades Counseling Department, a stroke caregiver support group that meets once per month and has reached 30 people.
  • Offered two social activities for stroke survivors and their families funded by Maybelle Clark MacDonald Fund and hosted 50 guests
  • Supported the on-line Stroke Survivor Resource Directory on the website.

Community Collaborations

Stroke Awareness Oregon exists to serve the community.  We collaborate with medical professionals, businesses, community members and families on the needs and concerns of stroke survivors and to assure individuals understand stroke and F.A.S.T.  In 2019 we:

  • Hosted the play My Stroke of Luck for 250 attendees at the Tower Theater
  • Hosted stroke survivor and author Ted Baxter at four community presentations.
  • Partnered with St. Charles Health System, Central Oregon Radiology Associates, Oregon Vascular Associates, Bend Fire, and Rescue and High Lakes Health Care for the November F.A.S.T. campaign
  • Partnered with an Eagle Scout candidate with the F.A.S.T. postcard project
  • Received media support from The Source, Horizon Broadcasting Group, Cable TV, KOHD, and KBNZ totaling nearly $43,000
  • Raised over $77,000 in donations and gifts to support our work.

Board of Directors

Thank you to these men and women for their tireless volunteer efforts.  In January 2020, this group adopted its 5-year Strategic Plan to assure the mission and work of Stroke Awareness Oregon remains vibrant and relevant.

If you would like to donate to SAO, please visit their website here. If you would like to see how you can donate your time or other efforts, please contact them here, or use the information below.

Stroke Awareness Oregon
P: 541-323-5641 ext 347